We Build Simple Tools That Help Streamline Government Processes

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Simply Civic provides new ways for agencies to serve their communities.

Easily reduce the time, cost and complexities surrounding most processes

What Makes Simply Civic Different

Simply Civic is dedicated to making the process of interacting with public agencies easier, simpler, and more enjoyable. Everything we do is with this end goal in mind.

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Simplify your process with Simply Civic

Take your existing process to the web in a simple and efficient manner. Simply Civic provides your agency with the tools to streamline and simplify your workload. 

Ideas Feature

Easily Share Requirements

Easily share your current process with the public

Build Feature

Track Real-Time Progress

View all project activities in real-time

Text editor feature

Simplify Collaboration

User friendly collaboration keeps everyone on the same page

Simply Civic is always interested in exploring ways to help improve the way that organizations operate. Let us know how we can help.

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